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Jumpstarting in a few lines

Test the i/o device

Start by testing the i/o device (soundcard). Get a cable (p2 plug to p2 plug) and connect the first output to the first input of the i/o device (line out to line in).

Go to Options: Hardware and choose the type of your i/o device.

Go to Tools: In/Out hardware: Duplex and test if your i/o device can play and record at the same time.

Follow the program′s advice about also determining the real sampling rate of the i/o device and its time delay.


Remove the test cable and connect the desired sensors (mic) and speakers or shakers.

Go to Options: Input and Options: Output and set your hardware.

If you have the transfer functions of the hardware, copy and edit an example transfer function file in vibrotoolbox_path ilters and add the information of your hardware. Then set the transfer function in Options: Input.

Go to Options: Stimulus: Tones and set the stimulus.

Go to Options: Calibration and set the appropriate parameters.

Click on the Calibrate button in the main window.


Go to Options: Points to define the number of recordings that will be stored in the data file. Use the builder to create specs for repeated measurements, positions or directions.

Click on the Record button in the main window.

After recording, go to Process Data: Measure current data.


Go to View, to change between viewing input or output, amplitude or phase and raw or measured data. Click on each point to see its data.


Right-click on a plot to export its data.

Filter files using a transfer function

Go to Tools: Filter files, to load a transfer function, build a filter based on it and apply the filter to a folder containing .wav files.

Do not forget

To know what you are doing, read the manual and some books on acoustics!!!


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All documentation licensed under the GNU FDL License.

Take a minute to visit SoundRuler, our twin project for acoustic analysis.

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