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Subversion code access

As it is developed, the current state of the code is maintained online and changes are versioned by Subversion (SVN). Anyone can download the code and keep it updated against the server.

The life code should not be used for analysis. It can be broken, it can produce wrong results and it can crash your computer.
It is intended for programmers in need to access the current state of the code.

To obtain a copy of the code, it is necessary to have installed an SVN client program such as TortoiseSVN or the command line official version.

In TortoiseSVN

Right-click the destination folder in you computer and choose SVN checkout. In URL of the Repository, enter:


Set the local directory and click on OK.

In command line SVN

To obtain a copy of the whole code, enter the command:

svn co https://vibrotoolbox.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/vibrotoolbox/trunk vibrotoolbox

More information

Click here for more information on SVN clients and configuration.

Or browse the live code that is online in SVN.


Copyright (c) 2011 Marcos Gridi-Papp.
All documentation licensed under the GNU FDL License.

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