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Two easy steps

1. View the page in the destination language.

There is a translation bar near the top of each page listing the languages for which translations are available. Click on a language. Sentences that were already translated will appear in the destination language, whereas sentences that were not yet translated will appear in English, with a ′*′ at the end.

2. Click on the ′*′ at the end of a phrase that was not translated yet.

The translation page will load showing the original phrase, a box for you to enter the translation and a button for submitting the translation. When you click on the button it will reload the original page now containing your translation.


Because of spammers, we have to require users to login before translating. You just need to choose a login and enter your email to receive the initial password. Your email address will only be used to send you the password once and it will be erased from the system.

Get a new login.

Priority translation

Another way to translate is to login and chose ′Priority translation′. This will show you a page containing the most required phrases that were not translated to your language yet.

Editing translations

If you find a translation that could be improved, you can click on ′alter translated′ under ′localization′ in the left navigation bar. This will put ′*′ symbols at the end of all phrases, even the ones that were already translated.

The ′alter translated′ link will change to ′hide translated marks′ to allow you to return to normal view

Once the translated phrases have ′*′ marks on them, you can click on a mark and enter a new translation for its phrase.


Your new translation will most likely not replace the existing one immediately. When alternative translations are submitted, they are all stored and submitted to the review system.


Copyright (c) 2011 Marcos Gridi-Papp.
All documentation licensed under the GNU FDL License.

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