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VibroToolbox is a tool for research and education in vibrometry. It provides an interactive way of describing responses to vibratory stimulation and analyzing directionality.

It can also be used to test equipment such as soundcards, microphones, speakers and amplifiers in terms of amplitude, time delay, frequency response, DC offset, etc.

VibroToolbox is open code and free. Like scientific knowledge, it is available for all to use, criticize, adapt to their needs and improve on.

The program works with various precision input/output hardware but also with mass-market sound cards, and it can be used with a wide variety of sensors and output devices.



Copyright (c) 2011 Marcos Gridi-Papp.
All documentation licensed under the GNU FDL License.

Take a minute to visit SoundRuler, our twin project for acoustic analysis.

SoundRuler offers many options for interactive analysis and plotting of previously recorded signals.

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